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The Only Kebabs You Need, Really.

Customers have trusted us for over a decade. Why?

One of a Kind Kebabs

We are re-inventing the humble kebab – savour world-first creations such as the Indomeeat, the Kilo Kebab, the Kebab Platter, Meat and Chips etc. We innovate so you will salivate!

Chock Full of Meat

You get the most bang for your buck – the most kebab MEAT for your dollar in the industry guaranteed. No veggie stuffing!

As Fresh as Could Be

We make our kebabs FRESH every friggin day ! We use fresh meat of the best cuts, marinated with natural herbs and spices – no preservatives!

Well.. So what's our story

First off, you’re a rare breed for even wanting to attempt to read this. We would say the story tells itself in the first bite. But our story won’t disappoint 🙂

So let us tell you a little something our decade old love project EPIKebabs. We’ve been at the forefront of the doner kebab revolution in Singapore since 2012 and are proud to say we’ve built a solid reputation for serving up the most EPIC kebabs in town.

Our mission? To reinvent the kebab game in the most mouthwatering ways imaginable. Sure, you can go for the traditional kebab roll, but why stop there we thought? Sink your teeth into our juicy kebab meats, served up in a buttered sandwich, tossed in a refreshing salad, or paired with our special pilaf rice. And if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you’ve gotta try our life-changing first of its kind creations like the Indomeeat, The Meat Plate, or the original Kebab Party Platter (oh yeah, there’ve been some attempts at copying, but let’s be real—we’re the one and only, baby!). We’re all about keeping it fresh, both in  quality and innovation.

Here’s a warning though, once you’ve had a taste of our kebabs, it’s hard to resist coming back for more. We prepare these bad boys by hand every single day, using succulent meat from the finest cuts. Our top-secret marinade, crafted with all-natural herbs and spices (but don’t ask  for the recipe—we won’t spill the beans!). And because we take quality seriously, our sauces, hummus, and falafels are all made-from-scratch, no shortcuts.

So here’s the deal, friends. If you’re ready to get your EPIK on, swing by one of our awesome outlets or jump online and place an order. We’ll bring our signature freshness, unbeatable taste, and incredible value straight to your doorstep. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Kebabs - Making Your Events Great Again

Make your parties, gatherings, corporate events and office meetings GREAT again!

Choose from our world’s first Kebab Platter to our Mini Kebab Buffet and Family Feast options.

Looking for live-stations to impress your guests? Look no further – we’ve served hundreds of reputable corporate and private clients who have trusted us over the years.

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