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Is this you?

You are planning for these or similar events - weddings, parties, family days, corporate events, religious events, sporting events, carnivals etc etc.

You need a super cool, insanely hot, supremely delicious, incredibly juicy option that is friendly on your wallet and most importantly, will be damn sure to impress your guests.

Your solution

Us - the EPIKebabs live station. Trusted by hundreds of companies and individual clients and the only professionals in Singapore specializing in kebab live stations. What is a kebab live station? Well quite simply, the live grilling of tender, juicy and dripping kebab meats by our skilled uniformed chefs at your event. Our aim is to make you look good so your guests feel good.

Our Offer!


$7.00 – $15.60 per pax (depending on no. of pax)

Live Station Package Includes:

Kebab grilling machine       

Trained chefs onsite

Chicken kebab meat


Assorted vegetables

Assorted sauces

3hr duration

Fries             $4.50/pax
Churros       $6.00/pax
Falafels        $4.50/pax
Salad Tray   $3.00/pax
Hummus     $4.30/pax

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We’ve done it in landed homes, condominiums, churches, mosques, schools, beaches, office buildings, rooftops, in balconies – basically anywhere there is shelter and a 13amp power point and a roughly 3mx2m space

Yes – our experienced chefs will grill, cut and serve the kebabs

We would advise to place your booking as early as possible – at least 3-4 weeks in advance as our bookings fill fast

50 pax is the minimum as we have fixed costs to cater for. 

We can still cater for less than 50pax but the price will be at 50pax. For less than 50pax, we would recommend out party platters and mini buffets at

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